My 2022 strategy to build a social presence

In 2020, I learned a lot of new things about SEO and digital marketing. In 2021, I tried to implement in various niches and that was the wrong decision. I learned that you should stick to only 1 niche until you achieve something. That’s why I took the decision to focus only on chess content. Here I would like to present my 2022 strategy. Suggestions are always welcome!


Target- Reach 300 subscribers and 10000 views at end of the year.

In December 2021, I started to post videos that consists of good research and content. Before that, I was publishing videos but was too casual. I am planning to learn more about editing in the upcoming months. In 2022, I will create at least 50 videos on youtube (Shorts not included)


Target- Get 18000 views in 365 days! (Including organic, social, etc)

In 2020, I learned how to create a WordPress website, SEO. I then started 3 websites. Due to some personal reasons, I stopped working on that websites. In October 2021 I started publishing on my website. I got decent clicks. In 2022, I am planning to publish at least 1 article every week. I need to get an average of 68 views per day to achieve this target.

Build email list

Target- 1000 subscribers at the end of year

I haven’t explored the email marketing side, but I will learn and try to implement it in the next few months. My target is to achieve 1000 email subscribers. Recently I launched my free product on my gumroad shop for a limited time and got 50 new emails which I was not expecting.

These are my 3 important targets in 2022. I will try to update my every month's progress here.



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Nikhil Dixit

Nikhil Dixit

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