Passive Income Report — February 2022

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In February month I am able to make $51. This is almost 1/3 compared to what I earned in January 2022. But still, I am happy with what I have achieved this month. Let’s start one by one.

Passive Income Report February 2022

1- Times Prime — Times prime membership is an annual membership for Indian residents in which you get lots of benefits. The price of this membership is around $15 and they give a $4 commission for each sale. This month I got 7 sales which accounted for approx $28.

2- Membership — I started to promote this affiliate program on my website 3 months ago. Surprisingly I got some sales which I haven’t expected. In February I have earned $10.28 from

3- Amazon Affiliate — February was the best month for me because my amazon affiliate account got approved. I used the amazon program on my website to promote chess books which usually cost $25–35. From this, I generated $6.31.

4- Skillshare — I haven’t generated a single penny from skillshare because they changed rules. Now you need minimum 75 min of watch time to be eligible to get payments.

5- Amazon Voucher — I redeemed my credit card points and got an Amazon voucher worth $6.65 (500 INR). I will probably use this money to buy 2 books.

March Plans

I am planning to write 10–15 articles on my blog Also, I will try to publish a few articles on medium (More income reports and website reports)

About my passive income, my target is to complete the $100 per month mark before July 2022 and $500 per month before 2022.

Also, In march, I am launching my membership website related to chess. Hopefully, it will help me to generate a more passive and stable income.



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Nikhil Dixit

Nikhil Dixit

Hey, I am Nikhil from India, I am a professional chess player and chess coach. I love to write about passive income. Email —