Passive Income Report — January 2022

Last month I published an article which got more views than expected. After that, I have published more than 10 stories and completed the 100 followers mark also.

In this month I am able to make $65. I know this amount is nothing for many readers but I will tell you what you can get for $65 in India.

  • 480 cups of tea or 240 cups of coffee
  • 10 full-course meals in the hotel
  • 20 movie tickets
  • 32 months of Netflix basic plan subscription

Passive Income Report January 2022

1- Times Prime — I have made some content of this membership and now I am getting a decent passive income without doing anything. Although I am planning to make more content related to times prime. This month I made $40 with Times Prime

2- Membership — I am promoting affiliates on my blog and on different platforms. Since I started this in Jan 2022, I was not expecting many results. But luckily I got $17 of affiliate commission in January.

3- Skillshare classes — I have already published 2 classes on skillshare and I got $7.5 from there

4- Amazon Associate — I signed up for amazon associates 30 days back and wrote some articles. From that, I am able to generate $1.35.

February plans

My February target is very clear. I want to make more passive money than what I made in January. For this, I need to make more than $65 to achieve my goal. Till now, In the last 10 days of Feb month, I have made around $23. Let’s hope for the best!



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Nikhil Dixit

Nikhil Dixit

Hey, I am Nikhil from India, I am a professional chess player and chess coach. I love to write about passive income. Email —